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New homes at Arlesey East will come forwardover the next 10 years,delivered in stages by developers as parcels are taken on by local and national housebuilders. Telereal Trillium submitted a planning application for Arlesey East in March 2017 which was approved in June 2018. This application captures the extent of development envisaged to the east of the High Street in Arlesey.  The proposed masterplan and supporting technical investigations which we have undertaken to support proposals for development are available for viewing on the Council’s planning portal here.

The application doesn’t cover specific design or detail – although it does include illustrative layouts and perspectives to show how development could look. Our proposals aim to deliver:

  • A range of up to 950 new homes and employment opportunities
  • Extra care / assisted living accommodation for older people
  • A local centre with retail, office, and community facilities, including a GP surgery and dental services
  • A new lower school
  • Open space and sports facilities including play areas
  • A new pedestrian/cycle bridge over the A507
  • Construction of the eastern arm of a new relief road

 The plan below shows how the site could be set out

16754 KSS 00 XX DR A 6000 044 S0 P01


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