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arleseycross.jpgArlesey East is the name given to the development site to the east and west of High Street, Arlesey allocated under Policy MA8 of the Central Bedfordshire Council Site Allocations Development Plan Document (Adopted 2011). This forms part of Central Bedfordshire Council’s plans to deliver the 14,230 new homes the district needs between 2000 and 2021.

More homes are needed in Central Bedfordshire for two main reasons:

  • the number of local households is growing; and
  • it is part of a designated growth area to which people will relocate as new job opportunities arise.

The growth in the number of households is putting pressure on house prices and the supply of new homes. The main challenge for the district is to provide the right amount of homes, in the right places with enough of them being affordable to those on lower incomes.

Arlesey East has come forward as a strategic site, aiming to deliver new homes and community facilities such as schools and health services together, so as new residents move in, new infrastructure and services are there to support them.

Consultation was undertaken between 2012 and 2014 to create a Masterplan Document, which sets out a broad framework and vision for the development and considered over-arching aspects, such as the location of different land uses, opportunities for open space and landscaping and the potential benefits that could be delivered as part of, or in conjunction with, development. 

Following on from the creation of the Masterplan Document, Telereal Trillium has now submitted applications (CB/ 17/01158/ OUT) and (CB/17/00492/FULL) to help to provide the new homes needed in Arlesey East. 




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